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    A Thousand Miles
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  • Wahana Agency Buat kamu - kamu yang tertarik di dunia SPG, SPG, Model, Dancer, Vokalis dan lain - lain... gabung yuk di FanPage Facebooknya Wahana Agency.. search aja di F.B : Wahana Agency ...
  • fery survey Merk : sokkia Total Station Sokkia CX-105 Deskripsi : Waterproof, Rugged, and Operator Friendly • IP66 dustproof / waterproof rating. • Metal chassis and heavy duty handle add ruggedness. • Standard usage temperature range-20°to +50°C. Low temperature models can be used as low as -30°*1 and high temperature models up to +60°C.*1 • USB TypeA port for convenient added memory. Use of included USB accessory assures IP66 protection. • One-touch star key [★] offers instant access to functions. • Conveniently located “trigger” key lets you take a series of measurements with the push of a button without taking your eye off the telescope. • Control panel features large 10-key pad with LCD that provides optimum viewing and convenience.*2 • Green/red telescope guide light enhances work efficiency in a range up to 150m. • Built-in laser plummet with five brightness levels is equipped for quick instrument setting in all lighting conditions.*2 * 1 Low and High temperature models available as options. *2 Offered as an option in some areas.   See Brochure   Lengkap Set: 2 Unit Almunium Tripod 1 Unit Prisma Poligon/ Tribrach 1 Unit Prisma Detils/ Prisma Pole 1 Unit Range Pole / Jalon 1 Unit Flasdick 4GB