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Guide Posting Home Media



II. Click Home MEDIA towards Fortal Home Media, Media and Klic Klic Create "Continue" in the Field of Media Free to create page Media Guide.


III. Contents Column: Title page. Url column listed according to the title, or you can change as your order along Url is not owned by other media page. Add Photo / Image from your computer.


IV. Fill in the description;

1. To embellish the design of Large / Form Text, color, or design includes an image you can start using the Format of Desain HTML Blog ( Click here ).



2. After completing the preparation / settings Sentence Design, Image Settings and Additions Videos perfectly in columns Blog, then you can view / Klic you design an HTML form on the "Source Code" or the <> above your writing. Copy and paste the HTML content into the page Column: "Description" Organize information in any media or HTML Blog Settings column design available on the media page or Layout Editor.

V. You can add Widget Features / Changing OR "Edit Columns" by Click "Reset Layout"


1. Changing column Media page, Klick Edit Columns and select the columns you want to replace it with a new column for setting the front page of your MEDIA.


2. After the column formed choose widgets for setting the design, place the appropriate column box widget that you want. Klick one widget and scroll to the page box.


3. Continue with fill / edit / Arrange widgets if needed.


VI. To add your video design can take the Embed code or source code while the video playback. If you take the source code / Embed on Youtube, click the right to display the source code / embed, if the video is taken from the Video OKEYNOTES, Klick Embed writing under Video.


1. To specify a page URL / Website you in Column HTML MEDIA then you just insert HTML embed URL as follows:


<p><embed width="1100" height="1377" src=""></embed></p>



Thus guide for creating a page design MEDIA