www.okeynotes.com is a social networking site, but it does not have the same konsef other sites, www.okeynotes.com are interwoven strands of communication:

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    @ Chating two Chating Group Member and Member of Internal

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    @ Create Polls (Public Polls and the Group)

    @ And another feature that supports the activities of your day

    By using some of the new technologies that may be the first in the world, which can make our lives more instant, efficient and safe, the real form of social networking, brotherhood, united by fraternal world

            Member Registration Provisions

    Your first Open Access Internet Via: Computer / Laptop / Hp and Go to Website: www.okeynotes.com Create an account / list in a way that's easy, and include personal data / profile you, then you will get / have a profile page: okeynotes . com / indek.php / frofil you, by registering a profile, someone else will be able to know the profile, information, news, and comments. And you can interact with members / other groups have also been registered. You can already get in / Log kemember area according to your registered email address and passwor you created when you registered. Protect the confidentiality of your password known by others

    Mass communication tools

    Local news in our region and beyond, to help and helped. Event or events that occur most often existing category, so it can more easily and more quickly dealt with, in the future all events and disasters that have classified it can be overcome and pass more easily in the area and in our country. Tell loss of goods / vehicle / person missing, there will be an emergency birth, no one was injured or suffered a heart attack, let fire or prevention, natural disasters including signs, announcements from residents or local governments, through traffic and traffic congestion in the area we. In some representative areas, there is a public computer to view and enter the local news in each area profile, anyone can use for free.

                 MarketPlace / Sell or Buy Items / Marketing Member

    Sale or purchase of goods / services, information, discounts, price promotions, coupons, vouchers, from shops, restaurants, shopping malls, etc., you can create in your Member Area for Free. For vendor or business owners: Give special offer for users Okeynotes.com, get more customers or audience who knows the business / organization you are, for example if you have a restaurant, tell your profiles and restaurant menus, reservations can be made through MarketPlace Okeynotes.com, and transasi Marketing & Transfer Online.

         Promote Nature Around

    Many consider far too jakarta sentris Indonesia, namely the construction, development and the velocity of money, too centralized in Jakarta, so well in other areas less or uneven. Profile of the area to help promote our area (culinary, trade, mineral, agricultural, farming and fisheries, tourism,natural resources, human resources , tablespoons and everything that can be sold more), so it is better known in Indonesia and even the world, get more money from visitors ( shoppers, tourists, etc), investor (entrepreneur, investor land & property, collectors, donors, venture capital, mutual funds), etc. into our area, thus increasing the welfare of its citizens


    No and not allowed content, applications, or games gambling, pirated, pornographic, and in violation of the norms and laws di Indonesia and International, so according to person Indonesia. Children and adolescent Indonesia with aged under 13 years must obtain the written consent of a parent / guardian / teacher (by filling and sending a form provided after registration, via fax, email, postal  etc, Or contact Costumer Service (Service Member ) Okeynotes.com: info@okeynotes.com, We make Okeynotes.com should be more useful, than not beneficial, social networking sites are good and help the family.

    For those members who do Violation Terms and Conditions Content Okeynotes.com will be given a reprimand and possibly blocking access to the Member Area.

    Okeynoes.com been equipped with a device / Data in Legal and Licensed and ensure the entire database Confidentiality Member and in accordance with the procedure Create provision terms and applicable law.

    That will come soon:
    - And we will add amenities / features latest and future in accordance with the interests and needs of the International Community Online.