• Testo Drive 365 it is recommended to consume artichoke as a supplement to burn fat more easily. Indeed, it has the ability to improve liver and metabolic functioning, which directly affects the processes involved in weight loss. Being a food containing very few calories, its inclusion in the daily diet is no problem. In addition, it prolongs the feeling of satiety and promotes the elimination of liquids and toxins that give the silhouette a heavier look. Testo Drive 365 Canada How to consume artichokes to take care of your line and improve your health? the artichoke to take care of his line To enjoy the benefits of artichoke, several recipes are possible. However, to take care of his line, it should be consumed in herbal tea several times a day. This drink has many benefits, among them that of concentrating the fibers that nourish the gut microbiota . ingredients 1 big artichoke 4 cups of water (1 liter) The juice of a lemon Preparation Choose a fresh artichoke and cut it into several pieces. Testo Drive 365 Reviews Then boil it in water. Once the boiling point of the water is reached, turn the heat to a minimum and continue cooking until the artichoke softens. Finally, let the drink rest and filter it in order to consume it.