• Brea SkinLabs If all of the above does not help or you swell with enviable regularity for no apparent reason, such as a feast with liters of sparkling and kilograms of caviar, you should consult a doctor: sometimes pastoznost can be a symptom of serious diseases. And if there are no pathologies, you can go for lymphatic drainage massage, wrapping, pressure therapy and other professional procedures, more about which we will discuss in the following material.

    Sport for Gwyneth is not only a recipe for well-being, but also one of the main beauty secrets. “I do an hour every morning, and the main thing is to sweat a lot. I think this is an important basis for further skin care, ”says the star. - If I need to prepare for the exit on the red carpet, I go for a powerful cardio training. And after it I do peeling - I adore scrubs. ”