Win Money Online? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

  • Are you looking for an exciting way to kill time and win some cash while you are at it? Play specific online games and win money online! Yes, it’s very much true. Given the pace of advancements in today’s world, there has been not one but many a paradigm shift in the society, one of them being diversification of careers; and playing games to make money has been fast emerging as a much sought-after means of generating income. Let us have a look at some trendy games that have been arousing people’s interest like never before.

    • Heroes of Loot 2 - From La-La Loot

    A real money game from the website - La-La Loot, it is a sequel to Heroes of loot by Orange Pixel. What does the game entail? Venture into different dungeons with one leading to another, and survive till the end before you reach the Loot Boss, or the final level. When compared with its previous version, it boasts advanced graphics that ensure better texture, a great ambience, and a far better speed of the game. Camera movements conveniently track enemy-movement.  It’s a straightforward game devoid of complex scenarios. Load the game, choose a ranger and a warrior that you can control. Hidden characters in various levels can provide you with the needed weapons or an option to skip a level. Put down the monsters!

    • Exodus 3000 - Fight for Mars Dollars

    Love adventure in space? Exodus 3000 is the best bet for you. A futuristic game with flashy animation, it can enable the players to win huge money, buy upgrades, and claim settlements. How? Just use your daily quota of 250 moves prudently. Refer others to get extra moves, and raise the stats. You get real money when you’ve collected enough game money. It is based on an assumption that the Earth is no longer habitable, and as such, humans are forced to migrate to Mars to earn a living. The task involves protecting your homestead from other settlers at all costs, and hence, the adventure!

    • Jumanji - the Board Game

    A strategy-based board game known by its namesake movie, it is a thrilling game with spine-chilling experiences throughout. The board resembles the one shown in the movie with 5 reels and a 3-4-5-4-3 row structure. Find exciting features on the reels, such as Monsoon Wilds, Sticky Vines, Wild Stampede, and Monkey Mayhem, etc., that bless you with re-spins to last till winning symbols appear. The goal is to compete against the other players to take all your tokens home first of all. Don’t let the rival players kill your tokens!

    • 8 Ball Pool Game - Hit Smart

    How about competing against players from across the world? Similar to board games such as Snooker and Billiards, herein, eighth ball is the key that you must pocket once you are done with the other seven balls. Pop ups and adverts appearing on its notification bar cause some irritation to the players, but it is ignorable given the price you pay to play. How to put the ball in the desired pockets? There’s an alignment guide to help players fix their angle. Overall, it is quite an engrossing game. Take care to put the spin on the ball smartly when you hit. Also, in order to shoot faster, tap and drag on the pool surface.

    • Indian Rummy Online - Meld Your Cards Fast

    One of the simplest games in the category to learn and play, is the traditional Indian game of 13 Card Rummy. Available online as an easy-to-download free app, it is a card-melding game, wherein players require to group similar cards together. Uncomplicated as it may appear, it takes smart application of mind on the part of players to form appropriate combinations first of all, to win the game. Routine rummy contests have colossal prize pools, that winners can grab a share of. Playing the game in routine not only helps you feel rejuvenated but also sharpens your mind, and feeds your pockets.

    What an Amazing Proposition!

    What a thrilling means to earn cash! Something that was incomprehensible a few years ago, is very much a reality today. Incredible as it may sound, die-hard gaming enthusiasts can win money online by engaging in web games. More than anything else, we can attribute this phenomenal change to the proliferation of smartphones and the Internet. Choose a game that suits your taste, and look forward to earn money while you play game!