TikTok Checklist- The Basics of Posting

  • Social media has become an integral part of our lives and there are new apps being launched every few weeks. A fun app called TikTok allows you to make short videos by yourself. You do not need to be a professional to make a high-quality video. Right from recording the video to finally sharing, here is how you can get it right.

    Tip 1: Pick the right mode

    It is very important to pick the right mode when you use TikTok. There are many modes like epic, time lapse, fast and slow motion. Try to choose a mode that is comfortable for you.

    Tip 2: Pick the right method to make the video 

    You can either make a video by pressing the button on the phone or you could use a timer. However, if you want to make a video on dance, you might need a tripod because a timer will make it messy. For a smooth video, choose the right recording method.

    Tip 3: Be upbeat

    This is a very important tip for a fun TikTok video. Never be too dull; try to use good expressions; ensure there is adequate lighting and choose good angles. This will help you become a star on TikTok.

    Tip 4: Use the right background

    Try to pick the right background for your video and do not make every video in your bedroom. Try to use a colorful environment for a catchy video, but of course be safe while doing so.

    Tips 5: Use a fun challenge 

    The main thing about TikTok is the challenge. You need to try to post videos on whichever challenge that is new so you can boost your profile. This will get you more views and higher followers. They also have some epic challenges such as #plankchallenge #1MA amongst many others that you can be a part of any time! 

    Tip 6: Use appropriate hashtags 

    Just like Instagram, TikTok also has hashtags feature and a lot of users use it. Pick trending hashtags to be seen on TikTok and always upload your videos with a few hashtags. 

    Tip 7: Upload at the right time 

    If you want higher number of views and followers, you need to upload your video when there are maximum active users. Try uploading the video during the day. . Research suggests that the most engagement on TikTok App happens in the evening or at night. Posting your video at that time makes more sense, as you will get immediate viewership, and are more likely to engage with your fanbase. So, ideally focus on publishing anything between 6 pm and 9 pm. 

    Tip 8: Remain consistent 

    You can only become popular on TikTok if you remain consistent with whatever you are doing. Upload at least one video in a day with the right hashtags and with relevant content.

    Tips 9: Understand the lyrics

    Whenever you pick a song to make a video, you need to ensure that you know the lyrics to the song. If you do not know the lyrics, try to understand them and then make a video or it will look awkward. Upload a video on songs where you know the lyrics.

    Use these tried and tested tips for your next TikTok video.