Tourist Attractions of Mathura

  • Mathura is a pilgrimage site for the Indians. There are over 30 temples in Mathura. It was the birthplace of Lord Krishna who is believed to be a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is a highly sacred place. It is 50 k from the north of Agra, 145 km from the south-east direction of Delhi, 11 km from Vrindavan. You are most welcome to visit the tourist attractions of Mathura on Delhi Agra Mathura Vrindavan tour package. It is the administrative hub of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

    Lathmar Holi

    The term ‘Lathmar’ means ‘Beating with a stick’. Isn’t trilling? Being from India I understood the meaning of it surely but was curious to know if it really takes place. Two more towns Nandgaon and Barsana are also a part of it. However, they are located 45 km away from it. Nandgaon is the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days and Barsana is the place with the only temple of Radha.

    The celebration begins 4-5 days ago. Holi is otherwise also celebrated with zealous fervor across India. It is equivalent to Diwali in religious importance for the Hindus. Generally, people in other parts of India play Holi with colors and some special dishes like gujiya, chakli, sweets, thandai, etc.

    Holi became ‘Lathmar Holi’ because once Lord Krishna applied color on the face of Radha and out of fury; elderly women of the village beat him from a stick. Thus, various games in this context are played.

    It seems scary but it is not, people don’t hurt each other and they are good friends. There are cheers all round and everybody enjoys.

    Govardhan Hill

    If you have come out of the imagination of ‘Lathmar Holi’, let us talk about the next tourist spot. It is 22 km from Mathura. It was the mountain which was picked by Lord Krishna on his mall finger only to bring people under its shelter to save them from heavy rains. It is also worshipped. Its circumference is 38 kms. It undertook the whole village under it and protected it. It seems really unbelievable but it is written everywhere that Lord Krishna performed this heroic deed. 

    Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi

    It is also called as Shri Krishna Janmasthan Complex. Many excavations prove the presence of Lord Krishna over here even when there was invasion many times. There are small shrines with colossal structures. The shrines of many gods and goddesses are there as it is one of the pilgrimage sites of India.

    Dwarkadheesh Temple

    It is the newest temple. It was built in 1815 but has no lesser importance. It is worshipped and given respect like other temples. Its location is in the vicinity of the Ghats of River Yamuna. Many kinds of holy and religious activities and rites and rituals are seen there. The beautiful idol gives birth to the revering feelings. The biggest attraction is the black colored idol of Lord Krishna. Rajasthani architectural carvings are also hold attention of the tourists. The best time to visit this temple is either at the time of Holi, Diwali or Janmashtami. Janmashtami is the festival celebrated on the occasion of Lord Krishna’s Birthday.