How do honey facial massage

  • honey massage can rightly be called one of the most effective procedures for the recovery, improve the appearance and rejuvenation. Many women are able to evaluate anti-cellulite properties of this method is the elimination of `korki` orange skin in beauty parlor. Even after several full courses of skin relief visibly aligned, cellulite gradually disappears. But in addition to anti-cellulite, honey massage has been used successfully to improve the skin condition of the face, eliminate bags under the eyes and wrinkles appeared. And most importantly - honey facial massage is quite possible to make yourself at home. The effectiveness of the regular execution of the procedure can be compared with the lifting effect after sessions popular cryomassage liquid nitrogen.

    WHY honey facial massage as effective

    For the independent use of the method with an anti aging lifting effect quite familiar with the technique of performing basic massage movements and watch video lessons, which are located below in this material. But there is another important point that must be considered during the preparation for home treatments. To really maximize the lifting effect using facial massage, be sure to use the procedure for the honeycomb with powerful bioactive properties. It is known that as long as the honey is hermetically sealed with wax caps it for years without losing its medicinal properties. A useful properties of honey very much. This product has an immunostimulant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, wound healing, anti-aging effect on our body. To enhance lymphatic drainage effect, some women use additional table (or tea) spoons during the massage.

    To volatile, enzymes and other active ingredients are not destroyed under the influence of oxygen, a sharp knife cut the lids on wax honeycombs with honey immediately before the massage face at home. The active substances contained in the composition of honey, under the influence of massage movements very quickly penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, act on nerve receptors. Honey facial massage not only has a lifting effect on the skin, but also contributes to the improvement of the whole organism.

    As a result, the overall tone of the body is improved, restored normal blood circulation, accelerated tissue regeneration and improves lymph toxins and wastes excreted faster. After the procedure, on the fingertips is the mass of grayish-white with extended leather toxins. Interestingly, the honey massage perfectly exfoliates and cleanses the skin from the keratinized particles and during its regular use does not necessarily make homemade exfoliating scrub. In adulthood (after 45-50 years) is useful to alternate courses of honey and massage vacuum banks face in order to pull a face and get rid of double chin. If at a young age you are clearly visible facial wrinkles on the face, there are other signs of early decay of the skin, it is desirable to supplement your arsenal of skin care products for facial gymnastics (feysbilding) to strengthen the facial muscles, as well as 2-3 times a year to Japanese massage Zog (Asahi) or acupressure shiatsu. For facial skin care, try to use more funds from natural products, regularly apply anti-aging and hydrating mask.


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