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    Classic Massage
    Muscle relaxant is a stress relieving massage. The body is made in a manner appropriate to the needs, softens the muscles, accelerates the blood circulation with different pressures. The tissue is intended to loosen each cell and consequently the whole organism by relaxation and massage with legs, arms and back with natural oils. From the beginning to the feet, your tethered areas are detected and loosened.

    Deep Tissue Massage
    It is a relaxing massage, which is recommended as a muscle relaxant, especially after sports, which facilitates the excretion of lactic acid accumulated in the body in the areas where your body needs it. The body is made in a manner appropriate to the needs, softens the muscles, accelerates the blood circulation with different pressures.

    Sports Massage
    It is both a therapeutic and relaxing massage at the same time. The primary purpose of this massage is to accelerate blood circulation. It is treated with muscle, nerve and spine injuries, ice compresses and support wraps. Special sports massage techniques are applied, muscles are softened, muscle functions are measured, tennis arms and so on. discomforts are treated.

    Anti-stress Massage
    This massage is used by the techniques that relax and refresh the body. The nerves are softened and inner peace is ensured. The delicate, yet deep, massage that is carried out from head to toe, opens up tensions and you will feel the joy of a whole new life.

    Pregnant Massage *
    Pregnant massage is especially effective in relieving the tension in the neck, head and back. The gentle touches on the pelvic area help you gain the flexibility that your body needs when approaching birth. Including sciatica, edema and cramps caused by circulatory disturbances (regular therapy, especially reducing sciatica pain significantly) and stimulating the body. The massage, which is applied with the natural nourishing oils, also removes the tension in the skin. Personalized massage sessions can be continued until the last weeks of pregnancy. The session does not involve a low risk because it can be avoided by any maneuver that can accelerate the delivery and intervene in the birth process. Nevertheless, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before taking the sessions.
    * Pregnant massage is not applied in the first trimester of pregnancy.

    Hot Stone Therapy
    Hot stone therapy is a type of massage therapy which is made with heated stones and aims to penetrate the depths of the body in the stones. Hot stone therapy uses the energy of air, water, soil and fire. The energy of volcanic lava stones gives people the feeling that they are intertwined with nature. At the end of therapy, the person becomes physically, mentally and emotionally comfortable and calm; The person returns to his own nature, feeling free from his feet.

    Aromatherapy Massage
    It is a massage method which is applied by using massage oils prepared from plant extracts. In this massage, the attention is low, the tempo is low and the pressure is light. It is a relaxing massage.

    Anti-Cellulite Massage
    Anti-Cellulite Massage improves the circulatory system with special printing technique, narrowing the diameter of the vessels and provides healthy circulation of blood in the legs. Thus, the regulation of the blood circulation, the better the oxygen flow to the cells are provided and the removal of toxic substances from the body is accelerated.


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