Reasons To Visit North Karnataka

  • Karnataka is a beautiful state in India that attracts a lot of visitors from the country and from many other countries of the world. The beautiful state is famous for historical sites, beautiful greenery, amazing beaches, a vast range of mountains, pleasant weather, adventurous spots, luscious food, modern cities, historical temples and many other things. The city has a variety to offer to almost all the age groups. Karnataka can be visited in all seasons to enjoy the beauty with more grace. There are many tourist places in North Karnataka as well as South Karnataka. The list is quite big that includes historical sites, Arabic university etc.


    Reasons to visit North Karnataka



    Karnataka is in the list of top ten largest states of the country and is ranked in the top three states for the popularity of tourism. It contains more than five thousand historical monuments that recreate the history when visited. All the monuments are perfectly retained to keep them alive in the hearts of the Indian people. Every Indian state is extremely different from others in terms of food, language, culture, lifestyle etc. Karnataka is one of the modern states in the country that attracts a large number of youngsters for jobs and other purposes. Following are the amazing tourist places in North Karnataka that are a reason of worth visiting the place.


    • Badami: The place in North Karnataka is home to many historic monuments along with an ancient Buddhist temple. The ancient caves are very beautiful and can be approached with the help of stairs. They are available in the hills from the fifth century and are a centre of attraction for the tourists.


    • Aihole: The village contains more than a hundred temples in which around thirty are present in an enclosed area an the remaining are spread all over the village. The temples bind the culture of the state and keep the era of them alive in the people's heart.


    • Bidar: The place is situated in the North Karnataka which is also known as Viduranagara, a place from the time of Mahabharata. The beautiful fort is still the centre of attraction for the tourists that is situated from 1074 AD.

    The list is not completed yet, other then these there are many tourist places in North Karnataka for exploring the in-depth beauty of the state.