Best Career Options in India

  • As we all know, the number of Government job aspirants is increasing at an alarming rate in India. More and more aspirants are applying for Government job posts each year.

    Have you completed law education (LLB)? Are you looking forward to pursue an MBA program? If yes, this article will be of help to you. In this article, I’ve discussed the prospects and scope of pursuing MBA after completing Law.

    Besides scope, opportunities and career prospects, I’ve also provided a big list of MBA specializations available in India. Make sure that you check out the list too (provided at the end).

    Is it possible to pursue MBA after completing LLB? Yes, definitely.

    In order to be considered eligible to pursue MBA, you must have completed a Bachelor’s Degree program from a recognized Institute/University. Law courses (LLB or Integrated law courses) are more than enough to satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria.


    This is a tricky question. The answer to this question depends upon the type of career that you want to build.

    If you are interested in entrepreneurship/working at an MNC/high profile Law firm, getting an MBA Degree will be of help to you.



    Gone are the days when just one Degree used to suffice! These days, MNCs and Law firms prefer Lawyers who have sound managerial skills. This is where an MBA Degree gives you the edge.

    A combination of management skills and law is a unique asset for the corporate world and law firms. You’ll get better pay if you apply for a job at such firms after completing an MBA program.

    This article will be of help to Civil Services aspirants in India. Here, I’ve listed all of the Civil Services of the Government of India.

    If you are a Civil Service aspirant going to appear for UPSC CSE, you have access to all of the Civil Services of the Government of India. Civil Services of the Government of India can be divided into two main groups –

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