Homework and flipped learning, which one is more important for

  • Homework learning is essential in the learner’s studies because it requires thorough research. On the other hand, flipped learning is very important to the learners because it simplifies the work of the teacher in the class as well as the students.
    Here are some of the reasons why the flipped learning is more important than the homework in the classroom learning.
    1. Students have more control
    Students in the classroom have more control on the output as well as on the basis of their learning. This is through the provision of the lecture notes online which makes the learner study at their own free time from wherever the place they may be located. Therefore, there will be an expansion of the knowledge among the learners because they will be able to control themselves in their study and also do more research when its necessary. Well prepared lectured lessons an be well revised by the students and also through the discussion made by the students, success and achievement of the educational objectives by the students can be attained. Students too can be able to make the important reviews of the topics which may not be well understood during the lecture lesson. Therefore, this will help the students to be boosted with the morale of understanding a given content as well as being in the same line with the rest of the class. In addition, to student achievement, assistance can be offered to them by the teacher immediately there is a need.
    2. Students become self-centered in learning
    Flipped learning allows the students to master the skills learnt in the class through the discussions as well as the collaborative projects they are given to perform. This promotion of the learners to share the concepts from each other through the guidance of the teachers. This therefore makes the work easy for the learners and the teacher because more of the work is simplified. Moreover, creativity is enhanced among the learners when there is sharing of the ideas from time to time. Also, there is a well-built virtue of confidence among the learners which make them to have self- expressive before other people. Further, the students are provided with an opportunity to distinguish between the errors and the concepts which are applied through the interaction available between the teacher and them.
    3. Easy accessibility of the lessons and content
    With the accessibility of the technology, a learner is able to access the lessons learnt online. This means that a learner is able to access the previous lessons as well as the future lessons online which helps one to prepare well in the achievement of the academic goals. Therefore, when a learner misses the class because of some reasons such as illness and sports, he will be sure that the lessons are already online which allows one with an opportunity to be in the same level with the rest of the class. Teachers too become flexible with the use of flipping learning because the lessons can be posted online for future lessons even without attending the classes when caught up with emergencies.
    4. Easy monitoring students’ progress
    Parents and guardians can access the online lessons online and can better know how their children progress in the academic endeavors. This is very important more especially when the parent wants to assist the learner in the performance of a given topic which may seem to be more difficult in tackling it. The weakness and strength of the learner can be observed by the parent when using this kind of learning because it calls for the special attention of the learner concentration to the lesson being posted. A learner too can hold the confidence in the learning process with the parent because he or she will be well encouraged in the studying process which will facilitate confidence among the learners.
    5. Efficiency is promoted
    Flipping method of learning can be more efficient to the learners and the teacher. This is because the learner can get more tie to interact with the other learners and also with the teacher. Thus, this will boost the confidence of the learners and more research among the learners hence enhancing the experience of the learners. More time is saved among the learners and the teacher because the learners will be concentrating on the online lectures which take little time such as 10 minutes less than the usual time during the traditional classroom lessons. The cost incurred in the studies such as transport costs and printing cost or even purchase of the books is saved sine online lessons provides wide coverage of the content.
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