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  • Here, we take a look at more such attractions where wildlife and you come together, face to face:

    1. River Safari: Even though this park was in the pipeline since 2007, it was completed and made open for public only recently in November, 2012. A new feature was added and opened for public in April 2013. The River Safari features some heady animals and reptiles from different parts of the world. Exploring this site would be organisational functions like walking into a rainforest. So, those who rue that they cannot go all the way to the Amazon Rainforest can simply plan a Singapore tour and visit this place. Yes, this place is also home to anacondas and a number of other retiles and organisms imported directly from the Amazon. Other creatures which lurk these waters include electric eels, Mekong catfishes and stingrays. Thousands of animals spread over hundreds of species reside at this place, which can be called as an eclectic mix of all the major river systems of the world. Thus, big attractions from rivers like Amazon, Nile, Yangtze and Mississippi all find a place here. And if that was not enough, then they also have Giant Pandas!