How to install aol gold desktop

  • How to install AOL Desktop Gold

    If you need to have a lifetime experience with emails, instant messaging, browsing or searching for any content, then AOL Desktop is your one user-friendly pathway. It’s a web-based software that provides with consistent screen interface and alternative solutions to the confusing layout changes, that one might have to deal with. AOL desktop has upgraded itself into a more productive and better version that would make your life easier and simpler. It is one desktop that you would love with its new feature.

    To experience this delight, you would have to download or from update desktop AOL. It is not at all difficult. You just need to keep in mind some basic steps and it would be all done.  Once installed, you will love its features and it will become your go-to browser for the lifetime and all-time favorite.

    Here are some insights into the features of AOL desktop gold that you might love:

    • The install process made simpler
    • New customized fonts that you may adore
    • Premium security benefits
    • An easy way to import your previous saved work into this new version
    • Bookmark websites to your favorites

    Don’t you think that these are some exciting features? So, don’t waste time and start with your journey of installing this new, better and developed software. You just need to be pro-active and vigilant and follow the steps properly and you are good to go. The steps are provided in this blog in a succinct and simplified manner as to help you with ease.

    Steps to install AOL gold program download

     Step 1: To check the system requirement for Desktop Gold

    This is the most essential and basic step that you would need to follow. Checking that enough space is available, which is at least 512 MB. Make sure that you have a smooth internet connection with no network glitches or connectivity issues. Internet Explorer 7+ version and 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution is highly recommended

    If you are a premium member, then it would be available for you at no extra cost and you would be able to attain its benefits.

    Step 2: To Install or Download Desktop Gold

    1. Open your existing browser
    2. Log in to your existing AOL account
    3. Now open the official website of AOL Desktop Gold and download it.
    4. Choose Mac, when the window opens up to ask for your existing operating system
    5. Click on the AOL file that you have recently downloaded
    6. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly
    7. Click agree to install and provide in with username and password. Kindly create one, if not created yet.
    8. Click ‘OK’ to complete the process
    9. You are now good to go as you have successfully downloaded the new and better version
    10. Close all pop-up windows at the end.

    If you face any difficulty, try reinstalling it using the above-mentioned points. You might face some glitches that you need not to worry about. Once you try reinstalling the version again, with keeping the steps in mind, the problem would be solved easily.


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