BOB DAVIES – Most dynamic personality who can change your life

  • Bob Davies of High-Performance Training, Inc. is a highly dynamic motivational speaker who goes beyond entertainment to impact. He has coached athletes at the high school, college, and Olympic levels, achieving gold medal and championship successes. He is an author, keynote speaker, trainer and coach.  His motivational speaking to individuals helps them to form new habits and embrace accountability so that they can stay motivated and purpose-driven regardless of their changing circumstances and constantly-competing priorities. This results in a renewed vitality and exceptional results in their health, business, and personal lives. Bob has a humble childhood and his family struggled with poverty which has given him personal challenges to overcome all the struggles he had to face. His background has taught him valuable lessons and allows him to connect deeper with a great number of people.



    As a speaker Bob Davies is dynamic and entertaining. He always gets incredible feedback and had received a 100% excellent rating from a speaking engagement. Bob speaks on a variety of topics regarding high performance, human behavior, reaching goals and well-being. Bob is the best keynote speaker and he has spoken at some of the biggest events in the world in front of top leaders and organizations. Bob is known as the "performance coach".  His education, professional designations, and personal life experiences qualify him as the definitive expert in the field of human potential. As a college football coach, Bob Davies helped the athletes at Cal State Fullerton to tap into their potentials and win two conference championships. He was also the coach for Olympic gold medalist, Jeff Blatnick, who overcame Hodgkins Disease to win the gold at the 1984 Olympics in Greco Roman wrestling. Bob's unique experience of competing with poverty and negative influences enables him to share his strategies for success with us today.


    The success of an event hinges on an established speaker who can deliver a powerful message while entertaining the crowd with a magnetic personality. Bob Davies is known for his ability to connect with audiences through humor while teaching them how to achieve their career goals. Every presentation is crafted with an overall agenda in mind, providing greater value to the event through his dynamic style of entertainment.


    Bob Davies is the author of three books and several audio albums and DVDs. He is one of the pioneers of the E-learning environment and has developed worlds first online interactive coaching portal. Bob has presented at industry events such as Million Dollar Round Table and The International Forum and The Nautilus Plus group.


    Today, he has become one of the most in-demand motivational speakers in America, and he has changed the lives for thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide.


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