How To Deal With The Error Codes In The Lexmark Printer?

  • If you are diagnosing certain errors in your Printer and want to bring back the smooth quality printout, choose our solutions and get relieved entirely. Have a look over them and continue with its fixation. If you stuck anywhere down the process, contact our technicians at Lexmark Technical Support and get the in-depth solutions from the highly qualified and experienced support team.

    1. Code 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39: The reason for these prompts would be the paper jammed into the tray. To get the precise solution for it, perform a cleaning technique. Pull out the tray gently through your hands and rub the components well with a dry rug or cloth poured into alcohol.
    2. Code 40, 42, 43, 44: The root cause behind this issue to occur is a high internal temperature that halted the operations. For the solution, switch off your technical machinery and wait until the temperature drops off. But, the time must not be more than ten to fifteen minutes.
    3. Code 46: The pad of ink absorbing is saturated for the time being. If the process to clean does not work well, replacing it is the superior and relevant option.
    4. Code 8F: The motor of paper feed just do not work efficiently here. For the solution, you don't have any other option than replacing the paper feed roller as it is a feeble component.

    As we have stated that the code and the panacea are quite streamlined you may get stuck with some other errors. In that case, analyze the root cause and the relevant solution to it. Indeed, they are effective but if you are looking for a more comprehensive approach for fixation of issues, get in touch with our experts at a toll-free Lexmark Printer Customer Support Australia @ 1800-431-452. You can rely upon us for resolving your problems as we will take care of your device undoubtedly.

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