What you Should Know Before Undergoing Cosmetic Dental Surgery

  • Not everyone is gifted with a lovely smile. It is a matter of luck if you are born with beautifully shaped teeth. But do you know after the coming of cosmetic dentistry, the idea of a nice smile is a matter of choice now? However what is more important is your overall dental health. So, even if you are not concerned about the smile, you can still consider cosmetic dental surgery from an experienced clinic like South Flores Family Dental just to correct the look of your teeth.

    Do you know about these things associated with the whole procedure of cosmetic dental treatment?

    • It takes time

    Cosmetic dental treatment takes a lot of time to complete. If you are hoping to get your teeth corrected within one or two months then this is nothing but a misconception. It won’t be completed before making several visits to the dentist’s clinic, which will be going on for months. A small amount of pain will be there in the process and lots of patience will be required from your side.

    • Your insurance does not cover the entire procedure

    A majority of the health insurance only partially cover the dental treatment. You will have to burn your pocket for those parts of treatment which are not covered. As a solution to this, most of the dental clinics now offer some packages to make the whole treatment affordable for you.

    • Dental products may vary from places to places

    Dental treatment is not like your regular health treatment. The dentist uses a range of products during the treatment and they may be different from clinic to clinic. If you are not comfortable with certain products which are used in your mouth, then you have every right to discuss this with your dentist. Be ready to ask questions about what will be the end result of your treatment. This could save you from unnecessary visits to your dental clinic.

    • Orthodontic treatment is different from traditional restorative surgery techniques

    A restorative dental surgery is concerned about the functioning of your teeth. It focuses on how to make them healthy. On the other hand, a cosmetic dental surgery puts emphasis on the look of your teeth.

    • It does not hurt

    Yes, there is a minimum and bearable pain associated with cosmetic dental treatments. If done under the guidance of a good dentist, there is no major pain involved during the procedure and even after the dental anesthesia goes off. Therefore, always get a licensed and experienced doctor to undergo your teeth correction surgery.

    Apart from cosmetic dental treatment, we also offer regular dental implant surgery in San Antonio. Schedule an appointment with us if you are considering affordable cosmetic dental service in San Antonio under the best guidance of our renowned dentist professionals led by Dr. Garcia and his team.