Why Is Fixed Deposit the Safest Investment Option for Women

  • There is no shortage of investment instruments in the market. However, fixed deposits remain an all-time popular scheme. Irrespective of age, gender, or economic status, FD is by-far one of the most bankable options that provide safety, stability and guaranteed returns.

    There are two types of FDs – bank fixed deposit and company fixed deposit. Out of the two, company fixed deposit are considered to be better as they provide a higher interest payout. Financial companies like Bajaj Finance offer higher FD interest rate to cater to their customers efficiently.  

    Considering all the investment plans, FD, for women is the safest and most secure option due to various reasons.

    Reasons Why FD is the Safest Investment Option for Women

    Start Small

    You do not need to block a huge amount of money to invest in FD. If you are choosing FD as your investment plan, you can start by investing a nominal amount of Rs.25000. Moreover, you can also transfer the amount of your savings account, and keep it in fixed deposit to earn higher interest rate, as FD interest rates are higher compared to the interest rate on savings account.  

    Flexible Payout with High-Interest Rates

    Fixed deposit, for short-term or long-term, does not allow you to access your funds. However, the lack of liquidity compensates with a higher rate of interest. Moreover, the payout of interest too is flexible. You can choose between cumulative and non-cumulative interest pay-out according to your needs. In a non-cumulative scheme, the interest is payable at the monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, while in the cumulative scheme, the interest is payable during maturity.

    Higher Interest Rates for Senior Citizens

    Some financial companies like Bajaj Finance provide a higher rate of interest to the senior citizens. They are eligible for 0.35% higher rate of interest than regular customers. Hence, as an investor, you need to be thorough with your research and check the benefits given by the lender during the tenor of FD. You can also check the final amount that you will receive on maturity with the help of FD calculator.

    Flexible Tenor

    The tenor of FD accounts ranges between 12 months and 60 months. Hence, you can choose the tenor according to your financial needs and requirements. Be very careful over deciding the tenor as premature withdrawals are not allowed. However, you can close one FD account and open another in case you wish to do that during an emergency

    Eligible for Loan on FDs

    In case a need for loan arises, if you own a fixed deposit account, you are eligible for the loan on the principal amount of your FD. You can apply for the loan in three easy steps, and have access to the loan funds within few hours.

    Guaranteed Returns

    FD works on the pre-decided rate of interest; it is never affected by volatile market conditions. Hence, FD becomes a highly reliable investment tool that is unaffected by other factors and provides guaranteed returns on your hard-earned money. Make the most of your FD by practicing simple strategies and steps that would maximize returns.

    Regardless of whether you are a working professional or homemaker, women go ahead and plan your future today; invest in a smart plan to double your savings.

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