How to connect or Print HP Printer on iPhone and Android


    As technology keeps improving everything is becoming wireless and paperless these days. But printing anything can never get outdated as it is an important part of the everyday job. But wireless printing has made it easier to print from anywhere using your phone or tablet. You can also connect your HP printers to your iPhone or Android phone to get the printout while sitting anywhere. For this matter, you can also consult a technical person who can guide you about the setup and functioning of HP printers using your phones. Call at the HP Support Number whenever you need any support for the same.


    If you want to print using your Android phone through your HP printer, then go through the given steps:


    • Google Cloud print is one application which comes preinstalled in most of the Android devices for wireless printing. In case your phone doesn’t have this app, then you can download it manually from the Google Play Store.

    • Open the app after downloading it and press the three dots which will provide you with some more options. From there select the Print option.

    • Select the HP printer using which you want to get the document printed and make sure both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    • After adding the printer to your Android device, select the document you want to print and follow the given instructions to get a print out for the same.


    In case you are an iPhone user and want to use it for printing using your HP printer, the following steps may be helpful for you:


    • Apple comes with an inbuilt app for printing namely, AirPrint. Using this app it is very easy to print directly using your iPhone and there is no need for additional drivers.

    • Now check if your printer is AirPrint enabled as only printers which are compatible with Apple’s technology can use AirPrint.

    • Now make sure that both the phone and the printer are connected to the same internet connection.

    • Now open the app and click on the ‘print’ option. After that select the printer icon and choose An AirPrint enabled printer.

    • Select your Hp printer from the options and select the number of copies you want and send the job for printing.


    This is how you can simply connect your HP printer to iPhone or Android phone and get it to printing. In case if you still have any issues then call at the HP Printer Technical Support Number.


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