How To Identify High-Quality Marble Worktops for Your Bathroom

  • The classic marble countertop is the preferred choice of homeowners for their bathroom. The natural material is highly resistant to cracking, breaking or scratching, heat and pressure, which makes it ideal for kitchen, bathroom or any other space in a house. If you are exploring options for a worktop in a bathroom, we recommend marble for its absorbent and stain resistant abilities. But, of the different types and varieties of marble available in the market, how are you going to choose high-quality countertop for the bathroom? Let’s look at a few pointers to consider.


    Cracks and Appearance

    Though the cracks, veins and fissures in marble make it look beautiful, these can affect the strength of the stone. It is a must to examine the surface of marble for cracks or large fissures. Check both the sides of the stone. A fine quality marble will not have fissures going all through the tile. They will have a vein of colors running through without any crack.

    Calibration and Dimension

    The thickness of marble also called as calibration, is also an indicator of its quality. As marble has inherent flaws, the thicker the stone is, more durable it will be. In addition to calibration, you must check the dimension of the stone to be certain that they are square. There are times when cutting tools misalign, affecting the shape of the tile. This will make it difficult for the workman to create tight and equal grout lines. Always choose tiles that are of the same height, length, and depth.


    Chips and Cracks

    Higher the number of chips and cracks on the stone, the weaker it is by nature. Though some amount of chipping and cracking is alright because it’s natural, do not buy marble that has more than five per cent of impurity. As marble is soft, chips and cracks can make it weak. Also, check marble for smoothness on the front, edges as well as the back. Crumblings or pockmarks are also signs of poor quality marble.


    While finishing might have got nothing to do with the natural qualities of marble, it can have a lot of impact on the final look and feel of the countertop. Over the years, marble providers have come up with different finishing techniques including brushing and polishing. When you are buying marble worktops for the bathroom, it is important to look for acid etching protection. As etching can turn the stone dull, Your should opt for marble with a honed finish.

    Doctored Effect

    A manufacturer might add fill to chipped or cracked areas on marble to hide any sign of damage. If you see dull areas on the tile under light at specific angles, while the other parts are glossy, this could be an indication of doctored effect. Premium quality marbles will have no holes and fewer cracks.

    Final Words

    The charm and elegance of marble cannot be compared to any other natural or man-made stone. So, when you decide to add Marble Worktops UK in your bathroom, make sure it is exclusive. Keep the above-listed factors in mind, and you will end up buying the perfect marble for the countertop.




    Are you planning to give your bathroom a makeover or designing a new bathroom? Choose a marble countertop to make space look exclusive. The post shares a few factors to consider so that you can buy premium quality marble.


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