Freelance platforms can help to hire a Field Technician

  • Hiring the best professional’s one of the biggest challenges for any business, since talent is the vital energy of it. Unfortunately, quality professionals are very scarce and the situation tends to get worse. Therefore, today we will see what to do to counteract the situation and hire the best professionals, so you can get the help you need in your business. To hire a Freelance Field Technician difficult to find qualified personnel today, you need to know that there are three major factors that influence:

    • The growing economy
    • The increase in demand for professionals with technical knowledge
    • The emergence of the freelance economy
    • The first two are easy to understand. The third is a little less.


     According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, the unemployment rate in that nation fell by 5.1% in September 2016, the lowest level recorded since April 2008. And the average of family income increases 5.2% each year the lower the unemployment rate and the healthier the economy is, there is more pressure on wages.


    Because the economy is driven more and more by technology, the technical skills to function in the workplace are increasingly valuable. The specialization in software management is very important in fields that were traditionally not considered more knowledgeable professionals find opportunities more easily. Therefore, hiring those insiders becomes more challenging. Inclusive, there are talent agencies that hire the best programmers, in a scheme similar to the model of Hollywood's most profitable star agencies.


    The third aspect is the rise of the Field Technician economy. This part is more difficult to handle for most companies. A study conducted with 7,107 workers in the United States, carried out by Edelman Borland, found that the number of employees who work freelance grew by 700,000 from 2015 to 2016, representing 34% of the workforce. That means that almost 54 million people are doing independent work and the trend continues to rise. Some work hire a Freelance Field Technician partially and others work full time. The best professionals are realizing that they have options beyond traditional employment. Even 60% of interviewees say they started working independently by choice and not by necessity. 50% affirm, in addition, that they would not take a traditional job.


    Because in that way they have more flexibility, they enjoy being their own bosses and many of them earn more money than working for an employer. In fact, of the professionals who left their traditional employment to work freelance, 60% now earn more. And of these, 78% say it took a year or less to exceed their previous income. These are compelling reasons why many people decide to be freelancers. In addition, there are other intangible benefits. To develop better as a professional, to be able to choose who to work with, to have clients from all over the world, are just some of the advantages that are mentioned.