It costs too much to print | hp printer support number

  • Believe it or not, cost per printed page (based on ink and toner cartridge costs and yields) has declined in recent years, but that's small comfort to someone having to pony up for yet another set of cartridges. But there are ways you can lower your ink costs and save paper as well.



    First, think before you print. Do you need to print the full document, or only a page or two? (And do you even need a paper copy?) Only print those pages that you really need. And unless you need presentation-quality output, print in draft mode, which uses less ink. If your printer supports duplex (two-sided) printing, using it will save a lot of paper. Just remember to switch back to simplex printing and quality mode when you need it.


    For many printers, you have a choice between lower-capacity and high-capacity ink (or toner) cartridges. The higher capacity cartridges cost more up front but they have higher yields (can print more pages), and lower cost per printed page.


    If you're buying a new printer, be sure to factor in its running costs. We include cost per page information for monochrome and color printing for the printers we review. Generally, the more you pay up front for a printer, the lower its running costs will be, so investing in a higher-end printer may save you money in the long run.


    One more dubious cost-cutting method is using third-party inks. These may cost considerably less than the manufacturer's branded ink, but they can vary widely in quality. The most common complaints about third-party inks are degraded print quality and clogged nozzles.


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