How to Fix Temporary Error 14 in Yahoo Email Account

  • Sometimes it might happen that you are not able to access your Yahoo account due to some errors or issues. Similarly, error 14 can prevent you from opening your Yahoo account but it is temporary and can be resolved easily. You can also contact Yahoo free chat to get help for such errors or try applying the given steps:

    • Firstly, you are required to check that the error 14 in Yahoo mail is due to the Yahoo servers as the error is temporary and sometimes get resolved automatically after some time. You can wait for some time till the Yahoo servers are restored back to normal. In this case, there is nothing you can do on your part and can check the Yahoo mail server’s status to check if it working fine.
    • If the issue is not with the Yahoo server, then it can be due to the internet connection you are connected to. Check the web browser you are using and clear all the caches from there. Make sure to sign out of the Yahoo account and then clear the caches. Then try to sign in back to your Yahoo account and the issue should be resolved.
    • If the error 14 in Yahoo mail is occurring while using it on your mobile device, then check if you have the latest Yahoo application installed on your phone. If not, then update it and then check if the error got fixed. You can also try opening the account using an internet browser.
    • It is also possible that some add-ons or plug-ins can conflict with the Yahoo mail. In these situations, try running the browser in safe mode. You can also try disabling the add-ons to check what is causing the error.
    • Sometimes the antivirus programs you have installed, firewall settings, internet security applications of your system can also be the reason behind the error 14 you are facing with Yahoo mail. Try disabling them one by one and then check if they are causing the error.
    • Make sure your computer has the latest software and drivers installed which should be compatible as well.
    • At last, you can run a full scan for your system to check if some virus or malware has infected your system and are causing the error. 

    If you are still unable to resolve error 14 with Yahoo mail then make sure to dial Yahoo Contact Number.

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