Convert And Transfer Pdfs In Order To Read Them On Kindle

  • A wide range of eBooks comes in PDF format, but it is hard to access those PDF eBooks on Kindle. If you are stuck in the dilemma that how to read PDF eBooks on your Kindle, since you have purchased one (like all others who were looking to buy an eBook Reader), then kindly go through this post.

    Kindle eBook Reader or Kindle app supports eBooks along with PDFs. I don’t know if you are aware of the fact that I’m about to write or not, but you get an email address with Kindle device or Kindle app, which can be used to send any PDF file straight to your device by just attaching it to the email.

    But, it is not that easy to read PDFs on Kindle eReader. You will require some help because PDFs (Portable Document Files) are static images, showing off the same dimensions, illustrations, typeface, and formatting on any device that has the capability of opening such files. It is possible for a device that is capable to display a large enough file to view a PDF in its original full size. But, Kindle eReader doesn’t have a large size of the display, so you will have to zoom and scroll around to read PDF document, which is not a good thing to see.

    The solution to this annoying problem is, converting PDFs to be read on the Kindle device. Let us discuss all the possible tips and tricks to display PDF files in the right way on a Kindle device.

    Send a PDF file to Kindle via email

    As I’ve mentioned above, every Kindle comes with its own email address, so you can send a PDF file to your Kindle device via email. To know the address of your email, go to ‘settings’, then ‘my account’ and then, ‘send to Kindle email’.

    You need to send an email to this address in which you need to enter ‘convert’ in the subject line and attach the PDF you are looking forward to reading. Amazon is going to automatically convert the contents of PDF files to a size that your Kindle device can read it more easily. After converting the PDF, the file will be sent to Kindle device with the help of Whispersync technology of Amazon.

    There are certain drawbacks in converting PDF files. It can take from 10 minutes to a few hours for the file to show up in the Kindle library. Moreover, if you are using Kindle out of your country where the device has already been registered, then you will have to pay some extra bucks to load the file on your Kindle device using Whispersync. In case your PDF contains charts or images, then things can get in the wrong direction during the conversion process. The images may be split and appear separately on different pages.

    Send PDF files with ‘send to Kindle app’

    There is a ‘Send to Kindle’ app by Amazon that you can use to send PDF files on a regular basis without having to convert each file one by one. This app is available for both, Windows as well as Mac OS, so you can download the app and install it on your device. Sign in using your Amazon login details and right click on the PDF file that you wish to send. The converted PDF is going to show up in your Kindle tablet.

    Use Calibre to convert multiple PDFs for Kindle

    You can convert a number of PDF files to be read on Kindle by using a software called Calibre. This free software converts multiple PDFs and sends them to the Kindle device in a quick succession.

    In order to use this software, connect your Kindle to the PC via USB. Open Calibre and wait until the PC recognizes the Kindle device. Now, add PDF files to Calibre’s library followed by clicking ‘send to device’. Within a few minutes, all those files will be present in Kindle.

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