auto dialer software for your call center business

  • Tips for choosing right auto dialer software for your call center business

    An auto dialer is an automated dialer system which offers the most efficient processes of outbound calling for a call center. It is a computer hardware combined with software to automatically dial contact numbers from the list saved in database of the software.

    Unlike a manual dialing system, a calling agent doesn’t require to go through a list for dialing a particular number, and wait for the call to be picked up. Instead, the automated dialing system does all this processes to increase your call center’s productivity and improve customer satisfaction for your business.

    While understanding the need for a flexible calling system, the businesses should select good auto dialer software for call center. And to choose the best solution for that purpose, here are some factors that need to be considered:

    • Integration with additional features

    The auto dialer system you will choose must have great scope for integration with additional and latest calling features. These systems can help to optimize the performance of calling agents, hence increasing the productivity of your business.


    • Compatibility with 3rd party devices

    For maximum benefits and simplicity, the auto dialer should be able to merge with any existing telephony equipment without affecting its in-built features. They must be compatible with all the devices and integrate with normal calling solutions like call activation.


    • Progressive dialing

    Since auto dialers are automated systems, so make sure they offer progressive dialing which includes automatically dialing the next contact in the queue as soon as the current call is completed. This ensures increase in calling efficiency of agents on regular basis.

    This feature allows dialing of next contact number in the queue automatically, as soon as an agent gets free from a call. Hence, minimizing the call drop rate and maximizing the call completion rate.


    • Call Blending

    The auto dialers you choose must offer several progressive calling facilities like blending of calls. By combining incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously, they can keep the line of contact uninterrupted. They should also be able to feed these statistics to keep track of all calling activities.

    Some great benefits for implementing auto dialer systems for your business are mentioned below:

    • Unlike traditional phone systems, agents will save lot of time in choosing a number and dialing it, as these systems will do this automatically.

    • With more talk time, the calling rate will get increased per day.

    • Employees will learn about new facts and figures through automated dialing processes

    • These systems will provide latest CRM features with advance technology.

    There are many auto dialing systems that can improve productivity of businesses such as cloud based predictive dialer and VoIP auto dialers. These systems follow the result-oriented approach to reach the maximum efficiency of calling agents.