Top Reasons to Choose Voltas All Star Inverter ACs


    With mercury levels soaring much higher than their threshold limits, summers in India are welcomed by not so pleasant living conditions for people of the subcontinent. Be it the dry and rough climate of Northern India or the humid atmosphere of the coasts, summers do irritate all.

    Under such circumstances, getting an air conditioner becomes imperative to counter this sweltering heat and moisture. 

    Now, thanks to Voltas, forget the summer heat while minimalising your electricity bill simultaneously. Being one of the best air conditioner brand in India, the latest Crown Series of All-Star Inverter AC’s from Voltas can prove to be your adept solution.



    So, let’s take a look at the key points of this new AC variant.

    Note: Features listed below may not be available with all models.


       1. Two-Stage Steady Cool Compressor


    According to Voltas, you can keep the All Star Inverter AC’s running for 24 hours without the fear of high electricity bill.

    That is quite true owing to its Two-Stage Steady Cool Compressor.

    The compressor works on a two-stage inverter technology that reduces the operating cost of your AC and saves considerable energy. It can efficiently provide comfort both during high and low temperatures.

    Unlike conventional AC’s, it discharges cold air of 12° C and warm air of up to 52° C. It further comes with a 35% improved cooling and 30% higher heating capacity. 


       2. Super Silent Operation     


    This inverter air conditioner succeeds in bringing down noise production levels to as low as 18dB.

    To give you an idea of how quiet the AC is, here are a few figures:

    • A typical office floor has a noise level of 50dB.
    • The sound produced from rustling of leaves is around 20dB.
    • A quite room has a noise level of around 30dB.

    Hence, this AC can gift a good night’s sleep to you and your family while running silently in the background. 


       3. High Ambient Cooling and Low Ambient Heating


    One of the prime benefits of the All Star Inverter AC’s is their ability to cool even when outside temperatures rise as high as 55° C.

    So, no matter how hot it is outside, you get to keep calm and carry on.

    In addition to the chills in summer, you also get amiable heating during the winter. This can efficiently handle temperatures as low as -30° C and give you warmth and make your room cozy.


       4. 7-Stage Filtration System


    With the 7-Stage Filtration System, the air you breathe is free of odour, dust, and bacteria. This 7-stage filtration includes:

    • Acaro Bacterium – Eliminates mite.
    • Active Carbon Filter – Removes smoke, dust particles, and odour.
    • Silver Ions – Kills bacteria up to 99%.
    • Nano Silver – Also kills certain bacteria up to 99%.  
    • Anti-Dust Filter – Eliminates allergens and dust particles.
    • Catechin Filter – Removes carcinogenic pollutants from air.
    • Vitamin C – Softens skins and keeps you stress-free.

    Thus, this split AC not only keeps you cold or warm but also helps you stay healthy.


        5. Stabilizer-free Operation


    The Crown Series of All Star Inverter AC’s can coherently run on voltages ranging from 150V to 270V. Hence, it doesn’t require a stabilizer and helps you retain some extra cash!

    Owing to the reasons mentioned above, Voltas is the one of the best air conditioner brand in India as of now. So, get your air conditioner today.

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