5 traditional Japanese Plants that every Zen Garden must have

  • Japan, famous for its mountainous topology and favourable environment, it is known to be the home of spectacular plants species like Blossom Cheery and Hydrangea. The plants grow in Japan region hold a significant place in their traditions and rituals. Also, these flowering plants are considered as a vital part of traditional Zen Gardens. Here, is a list of the top 5 plants that are Japanese icons, and anyone who is thinking of starting a zen garden or to express a love for the Japanese culture make sure to include these beautiful herbs.


    These flowers are considered amongst the most beautiful in the world. Planting a camellia japonica in the zen garden can mark the beginning of a lifelong relationship, as these are slow growing plants and can live for hundreds of years. They have a large and lushly petaled bloom, and glossy foliage brightens up the whole landscape in otherwise drab winter months.


    Ornamental cherry trees are a must when it comes to a zen garden. They will reward you with beauty through all the four seasons for many years to come. During the spring season, the blooms are usually pink or white and produce an almond scent. During summers, bright green and lush leaves provide an attractive anchor in the border. During the fall and winter, the handsome bark of the tree is a delight to look at, and the paperback cherry has a reddish bark with a striated texture.


    Hydrangeas are a popular ornamental plant in Japanese culture. The most popular amongst the various hydrangeas are the macrophylla types as they colour shift between pink and blue depending on the acidity of the soil. Hydrangeas prefer a warm climate with ample of rainfall. But there is a variety that is suited for almost all types of environments and harsh weather.


    These flowers need a lot of care and nourishment to grow, but it all is worth it once you see the beautiful blooms. They should be planted in areas of the garden that are soggy and stay moist all year round. The best location for an iris plant in the zen garden is near a water feature, like a pond or steam. It will also add to the beauty of the flowers.


    Azaleas are a favourite amongst the Japanese gardeners and have been grown for centuries, mainly due to their trumpet-shaped flowers. The blooms can be seen it a variety of colours from pink, yellow, salmon, red, violet and white. These plants enjoy partial shade and should not be planted in direct sunlight. They need a lot of watering during spring and summer but will rot in wet winter soils.

    Hence, these are some of the popular and beautiful flowering plants that you must have in the zen garden. These blooms look beautiful and remind you of your loved ones. Send a bouquet of flowers to their doorsteps with Chennai Online Florist.