figured out over time that having multiple picks

  • On Leighton Vander Esch s role

    I think it ll be inside. He certainly brings that length to the table where he can move into several roles if we want it. We ll probably focus him there in the middle early on and rotate him and Jaylon [Smith] and Sean [Lee] and make sure they re all fresh between those three spots. I do think we really got a good vision for him. How plays in coverage, particularly zone coverage. His great feel for the ball, he makes a lot plays on the ball. I just think he s really going to be a player that could ascend into something special.

    On not trading draft picks or out of spots

    I think we ve just figured over time, especially moving up, if you work on patience a lot of time these good football players will come to you. We ve also figured out over time that having multiple picks and better chances to get players is better than giving away picks to move up and assuring you re going to get somebody. At the same time we have moved down a little bit in the past when we re not just dying for a guy or have three or four guys we kind of like thinking if we can go back we ll pick up some picks. Didn t get that opportunity in this draft, but end up picking away with the exception of using a sixth round pick for Tavon [Austin]. At the end of the day I really feel like patience has paid off for us and I feel good about our draft. We had some really good football players come our direction and we were able to take them off the board and now we gotta get them out here and see how they do.

    In general I like our strategy and how we re going about it and feel like we re in a good place as far of how we do our draft. Will McClay is doing a hell of a job of really working. Between Jerry and myself, our scouting staff and our coaching staff and getting everybody on the page as to the type of players we want to pick. Our drafts have gone well for us and hopefully that ll continue with this group. Obviously we feel good about it but you never know for sure until they get out there and play football.

    On Connor Williams

    He s from Coppell right here. Highly recruited. Somebody we really liked in terms of solidifying our offensive line. He has some of the things we like in players, too. His versatility, I do think he has the ability to swing out play some tackle. His arm length is a little shorter than what you re typically looking for. Not unlike Zach Martin who we picked from Notre Dame who played tackle over there. Feel like he could certainly , not unlike Zach, do just fine out at tackle as well. We ll probably start him in there at left guard.

    But he was obviously a guy who lives right here in Dallas, and was about as emotional as I ve seen as far as a guy we ve picked really enjoying the moment. He came out to Dallas Day and he treated that like a job. He outworked any of the guys that were out there and really wanted to make an impression with us. Certainly he did that.

    On Michael Gallup

    We just feel like he s another guy that s pretty versatile. He played in a system that s not your typical college system anymore. It s a true pro style system. You ll see him lineup left, right, slot. He lines up and it doesn t seem too big for him to play three or four different position. Certainly has the size, strength and Duke Thomas Jersey hands to make plays on the ball. He s a guy who s sneaky in terms of getting vertical on you. At the end of the day the production was supreme as well. I know he had two big years there at Colorado State and was one of the top receivers in the country. It s another one of those things where we had four or five guys that we really thought a lot of. At the end of the day we stood in there and took Connor and had one of those guys come on our direction in the third round in Michael. We were able to pick him up and feel like he ll be able to add something to this group.

    On the new group of receivers

    We got a little Boise State connection going. Kellen [Moore] is the quarterbacks coach here who won so many games at Boise. We had the coach in here. He came to see Kellen and was here three or four days before the draft and couldn t say enough positive things about Cedrick Wilson. We have a new receivers coach in Sanjay Lal and he got to spend a lot of time with Cedrick and watch a lot of tape on him. He s another guy in the mix there, along with Tavon. It ll be a competitive room. We re trying to make this as Dak friendly as we can make it so he can go through his progressions, get it to the open guys and let those guys make plays.

    On drafting Mike White and having a young group of quarterbacks

    [White s] got some serious arm talent. As I said, we ve got a young quarterback coach in Kellen Moore. That quarterback room may be as young as any in the league. That is the direction we want to go. I don t see us adding a veteran type quarterback. We re going to let Cooper [Rush] and Mike really compete there, and push Dak in terms of getting his competitive juices flowing. I m thrilled with that group of guys and look forward to seeing it play out. He s got some sneaky mobility on top of the fact. He s very accurate and certainly a competitor. It ll be a fun room to watch evolve over time.

    On Bo Scarbrough

    We like Bo as insurance to Zeke. We look at him as a big, power back. He actually is athletic. I think he might could be a guy, if he gets out there and works at it, could find a place on special teams early. Not unlike Rod Smith has done for us. We just felt like he was a value there. Great program there, goes without saying, at Alabama. He comes from a good lineage of running backs there. To be able to add some physicality there behind Zeke, we thought it was too good of value to pass up there. Look forward to getting him in the mix with us.