Why Consider a Mobile Dental Unit?

  • This type of dental unit is generally lightweight and compact. They are designed to be so portable that they can be hand carried or easily placed in a vehicle. The compromise with portable dental equipment is that it may lack in performance, be noisier or not as robust in quality.

    Eliminate Special Install Requirements

    The portable dental delivery system can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet. This virtually eliminates practice location constraints. Specialized dental plumbing can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in build-out costs. Save dramatically when opening or expanding into non-plumbed suites. Dental delivery system portability ensures no landlord hassles or building code restrictions to deal with. Forget about long term lease requirements due to the investment in specialized plumbing. No restrictions on office location in multi-tenant, multi-level spaces or on concrete slabs.

    Lower Startup and Utility Costs

    With a mobile dental unit you can purchase only what you need to get started in practice. Add additional operators as your practice grows. No need for long range design planning and build-outs. The benefit of the Triton™ “run on demand only” mobile dental unit saves considerably on electricity. The dry vacuum pump saves thousands of gallons of water per week compared to traditional wet-ring type central vacuum pumps.

    What’s Included in a Mobile Dental System?

    Choose a mobile dental unit that has both air compressor and suction system, or just the compressor. Select one or multiple pneumatic handpiece connections. Position the air/water syringe, titanium saliva ejector and titanium straight high volume evacuator. You have the ability to add fiber optics, curing lights, ultrasonics, electric motors and more. All of these dental instruments can be integrated into your mobile dental unit and are operated by only one foot control!

    Due to the demanding transportation and logistical requirements, military deployable mobile dental equipment boasts additional features. These features include hardened transport cases, dual voltage capability, or the ability to run off generators. These mobile dental systems must also pass vibration and drop testing to ensure they can withstand the rigors of transport. All of ASI’s mobile dental units have been specifically designed to meet the requirements for deployable dentist equipment for sale. Also commonly referred to as mobile dental carts. They are self-contained with a dedicated air compressor designed for dental use. Performance is further optimized when dental suction is included. As a result of higher level equipment performance and capability, a mobile dental unit is generally heavier than a portable unit. They are designed to roll smoothly on casters on location, or transferred via a mobile dental van.


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