How to get Simcash and simoleons relics and tickets in sims mob

  • In The Mobile Sims , relics and tickets will be very useful to get special items. In our guide we explain everything you need to know about tickets and relics , what they are, what they are for, how you can get them and many other questions you have about the game for iOS and Android. 

    Relics/Money in The Sims Mobile

    There comes a time in the lives of our Sims that it is time to retire from so much work. When our Sim decides to retire from his professional career, he will receive a valuable object in the form of compensation, a relic. There are different types of relics depending on the happiness of our character and you can easily get it via sims mobile money hack, so if you achieve all the vital objectives of your sim, you are more likely to get a rare relic than a common one. If for a reason you get a duplicate relic, you can sell it in the relic market or start collecting retirement objects. 


    You will be asking if the relics have any function, besides serving to collect. Yes , they can unlock some aspects of the game that we previously did not have access to as traits, professions or hobbies. Some relics give you experience points, other simoleons (game currency) or tickets, which we are going to talk about later. As we say, you can also use them to decorate your house and thus increase its market value. 

    How can you use a sims mobile simoleons cheats ? It's very simple, you just have to follow these two steps. On the one hand, when you receive it, you must access the catalog and place it in some corner of your house. Then, click on it to activate it. Once you verify that it is activated, interact with it again and you will receive its benefits. 

    Relic Points in The Sims Mobile

    You no longer only have simoleons to buy objects, but also relic points that are obtained by selling some duplicate relics in the specific market for it. You can also get relic points by paying with simoleons, but we do not recommend it. If the relic that you have sold is very rare, you will get more points than if it is a normal relic you can upgrade it with the sims mobile android and ios hack  and get the best relics to your game sims mobile