Cannot Connect to the Norton Server, How to fix it

  • Norton works best when it comes to removing virus and malware from your system. However, it is not possible when you face issues while connecting to the Norton server. To overcome this, call at the Norton Technical Support Number to talk to the technical experts. You can also follow the steps given below in order to fix this issue:


    • Make sure you have the latest Norton installed in your system as sometimes the connection issues can be easily resolved by updating your software. Check the virus definitions by running Live Update and update them if required. After updating, enable Auto-Protect and then close all the programs. Restart your computer and then try again to connect to Norton.


    • Check if the firewall you have installed is blocking the connection for Norton and disable it temporarily. Again run Live Update and then try connecting to Norton to the internet. If you are not able to connect to internet then go to the settings of your Norton and configure a proxy server. If you are not using a proxy then make sure the option is unchecked or else check the proxy configuration to ensure the correct settings.


    • Check if the network you are connected to, is working completely fine and there is no issue with it. Now check if the issue is with the Norton website itself if all the other websites are working normally. In such cases, you can wait till the servers are back to their normal functioning.


    • You can also change the default web browser of your system by applying the given steps:


    1. Firstly click on the ‘Start’ menu.


    2. Go to the settings option and then select system settings.


    3. Click on Default apps from the settings option.


    4. Now under the web browser, click on the browser you want to set as default browser.


    5. Now try to connect to Norton using the browser you have set as default.


    All these ways can be applied to fix the issue when you are not able to connect to the Norton server. Also, you can call at the Norton Customer Service Number to take help and support from the technicians regarding the same issue. They will suggest you the best of troubleshooting techniques which can be applied as per the issue you are facing with Norton. Make a call and get instant solution for all your Norton issues.


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