Fifa 18 game with Cristiano Ronaldo

  • With EA, EA make a step back and lead the old armed penalty system.

    So the start-up is no longer self-controlled and the left stick is now back to the target. The "Kuller-Elfer" as with FIFA17 are a thing of the past. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen that the target function has become much more sensitive.

    EA Sports will release FIFA 18 with a new feature at the end of September
    Elfer Revolution at FIFA 18

    This makes the penalties much more tricky, as the shooter misses his goal with a slight cursor movement.

    In contrast to the penalty, the free-kick almost identical to FIFA18 and the best free kick still sticks with cristiano Ronaldo with him in your team with FIFA 18 coin generator and Points.

    Alternative function

    When it comes to replacements, EA has come up with something new this season, which can be called a real "game changer".

    In game interruptions the player is now, in a small window at the edge of the screen, a change suggestion, which can be confirmed with one click. The substitution order can be set before the game in the Team Management menu here with the help of fifa 18 coins hack tricks.

    The times when you had to interrupt the game for an exchange so you had to click through the menu, are over.

    Substitution FIFA18For substitutions, a single click is enough in the future. © EA Sports

    3. League and FUT legends also on PS4

    Since EA had so far an exclusive contract with Microsoft, there were the popular legends so far only for the players of the Xbox version. PS4 players now enjoy the so-called FUT icons for the first time with fifa 18 free fut coins.

    Players like Pele, Maradona, or Ronaldinho are now available in Ultimate Team mode on Sony's console. For the first time all FIFA versions are the same. Overall, there will be more than 65 of these FUT icons. The players of FIFA Ultimate Team are therefore looking forward to exciting pack-Openings.

    Opening the FUT packs in FIFA 18 is more spectacular than ever
    FIFA 18: The FUT packs are so spectacular

    Especially the German fans are looking forward to the 3rd league. As announced months ago, all 20 teams are at the start.

    A small vermouth drop is however the weak evaluation. The top teams like Hansa Rostock or Sportfreunde Lotte reach a maximum of two stars and move in the lower 60s.


    All in all, EA has once again taken a step forward with the latest FIFA series. Especially the new graphic elements, the more realistic movement animations and the new interchange function during the game are positive.

    Zidane at FIFA18For the first time coach are also represented outside the Premier League © EA Sports

    Nevertheless, you have to make cuts in some places. So the new defense and the delicate penalty are likely to meet with many players on displeasure. As in every year you have to get used to this time again properly.