Security Parameters While Creating Passwords on Facebook

  • Now –a- day’s people of all age are somehow getting connected by using some kind of social media network as like Facebook. This is, most popular among all kind of social networking media. However, lots of people are there who don’t know how to use it properly. Like they have no idea to how to create a strong Facebook password and what is the importance of it?

    Following are several security parameters which you should keep in mind while creating the Facebook password.


    Create Strong Password:

    A strong password is long. Preferably, use at least 14 characters or more making a good combination of punctuation, letters, symbols, and numbers. Using the entire keyboard, not just the letters or numbers helps you create a good password.


    Create a balance of highly secure passwords and utility of easily recalling them later.

    Let me give you an example of easily remember password using “Bruce Schneier Method”

    Take a sentence and turn it into a strong password as follows.

    Example: I love my self

    Strong password: 1l0vEmY$e!f(combination of uppercase letters, alphanumeric characters, numbers etc)


    Avoid using common words-your name, places, and dictionary words.

    Using your name, places you visit/place you live in, dictionary words are pretty easy to guess. There could be a person observing you and might know your habits and how you create passwords. That person would be able to guess your password easily.

    Protect your password from inquisitive eyes:

    Protect your password from the persons who are quite interested in your private affairs. That person could use your account for ill purposes.

    Create unbreakable passwords:

    The longer the password, the harder it is to break. Create a blend of capitalization, letters, numbers, alphanumeric characters and punctuation. These rules make it harder for hackers to obtain your password. Crackers generally use different dictionaries- English words, account holder’s names, phonetics to roots the passwords. So avoid these common practices.


    If you still have any query about Facebook like

    How to change Facebook Password?

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    How to delete/deactivate Facebook account?


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